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A Formless Fire: Rediscovering the Magical Traditions of the West

A Formless Fire: Rediscovering the Magical Traditions of the West

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A Formless Fire: Rediscovering the Magical Traditions of the West

Unlock the mysteries of ancient spiritual arts and esoteric sciences with "A Formless Fire: Rediscovering the Magical Traditions of the West" by Ike Baker (ARCANVM). This comprehensive yet accessible guide delves into the rich history and ongoing practice of Western Esoteric Traditions.

Discover the Essence of Magic:

  • Intriguing Exploration: Discover how magic and spiritual practices evolved from Hellenized Egypt and flowed through Western civilization to the present day.
    Expert Insight: Scholar, practitioner, lecturer, and content creator, Ike Baker, meticulously weaves astro-theological and theurgic philosophies with modern scholarship techniques.

Your Guide to Western Esoteric Traditions:

  • Historical and Practical: Gain a deep theoretical understanding along with practical applications, informed by Baker’s extensive experience in traditions such as Freemasonry, Martinism, and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.
  • Unique Approach: Blend of historical insight and contemporary scholarship offers a trailblazing portrayal of Western magical traditions.

Special Features:

Foreword by Jaime Paul Lamb: Renowned Masonic author and astrologer Jaime Paul Lamb introduces this illuminating work.

Practical Appendixes: Enrich your practice with Baker’s expert commentaries and practical guidance.

Whether you're a serious esotericist or an aspiring practitioner, "A Formless Fire" is an essential addition to your library. Embrace the wisdom of the past and explore the depths of the magical traditions of the West.


"In A Formless Fire, Ike Baker provides a clear and concise overview of the esoteric traditions from antiquity to the present era and how they have come to be practiced across the millennia.  Being both scholarly and practice oriented, A Formless Fire provides readers with insight into the complexity and critical importance of the Western esoteric traditions, an essential glossary, and some practices for beginning students to undertake as they journey on 'the Path of Return.'  Baker's work is comparable in scope to Joscelyn Godwin's 'The Golden Thread' and Arthur Versluis's 'Magic and Mysticism' and readers would benefit greatly from reading them in tandem." 

— Mark Stavish, Director of Studies, Institute for Hermetic Studies, author of  Egregores: The Occult Entities That Watch Over Human Destiny and The Path of Freemasonry: The Craft as a Spiritual Practice. (Inner Traditions)

"A Formless Fire is an impressive overview of Western esoteric traditions. What differentiates it from others is Baker's keen attention to spiritual insights and rituals that have been transmitted across these traditions. A wise and welcome contribution.”

— Shannon Grimes, Professor of Religious Studies at Meredith College, and Author of Becoming Gold: Zosimos of Panopolis and the Alchemical Arts in Roman Egypt (Rubedo)

“Almost 100 years after Manly P. Hall’s ground-breaking work, experience this timeless wisdom now revitalized by the fresh perspective of Ike Baker, a brilliant young practitioner of the 21st century. Discover the magic and occultism in your life with this treasure trove of a book. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or just starting out, Ike Baker's major work is a must-have guide. It sets a benchmark for books about our favorite art and includes a plethora of useful tables enhanced by a wealth of practical tables and invaluable magical guidance.”

— Rudolf Berger, Host of the Thoth-Hermes Podcast

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